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About us

Captain Slaughter Tackle company is a professional Fishing tackle company from Brooklyn New York located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Captain Slaughter Tackle Co. was founded by people who love fishing and love catching fish. We are the type of people who take our fishing Seriously and our Fishing gear very seriously. We are a group of people who are truly connected and committed to the sport. We take pride in delivering the best experience and the best quality products to our customers because we have pride in what we do. We want to simplify our customers’ lives with our unique and smart products and... That’s what we are about.
WE LOVE FISHING!! The reference “slaughter” in our world means a great day of catching fish and having a great time doing it !!


Meet Our Team:

Captain Rudy Maisto


Captain Rudy Maisto A.K.A. (Captain Slaughter) is one of the most renowned Charter boat Captains in the New York waters. Captain Maisto has been fishing professionally for over 40 years in our local waters and is one of the most recognized legendary Striped bass Fisherman in the area. Capt Maisto started out as a partner to the famed Don Bingler master lure maker and inventor, today he brings his skills over to CST and serves as partner and advisory board member to Captain Slaughter Tackle Company. In addition to being a charter boat Captain Maisto also is a licensed commercial fisherman and has a 100 ton master license. So if you are interested in his design developments or just a great day of fishing don’t hesitate contacting the captain directly he would love to hear from you.

Captain Joe Bailey

Captain Jr.

Captain Joe Bailey A.K.A. (Captain Slaughter Jr.) who does in fact have a Real career of 28 years as Senior Vice President of a major consumer electronics company yet fishes Semi-professionally every free and waking moment. Today I have put my career aside in pursuit of my dreams of owning a successful fishing tackle company so I’m rolling the dice and going after my dreams and bringing many great innovations to the market of products never been seen before and the some that have been seen…. we will just be making them better. As a worldly fisherman I have been privileged to fish with many of the most prominent world class fisherman both known and unknown All of which have their very own "BEST" fisherman secrets that before meeting me would have likely died with them but now Captain Slaughter will proudly market some of these phenomenal & unique products.

Jon Vanderbeek

Chief Engineer

Jon Vanderbeek- has a background inventing all sorts of amazing products at the highest quality levels. Today, Jon devotes quite a bit of his time helping CST bring great products to life by readying these products for marketplace at the highest quality level. Jon has an Industrial Design degree and uses his expertise in Industrial Design, mechanisms, electronics and model making in developing new and great products for Captain Slaughter Tackle company. Living along the largest fresh water system in the world (Great Lakes) Jon has a tremendous understanding of the water, fishing, and fishing tackle. Jon takes inspiration from Lake Michigan and applies his expertise and designing knowledge continuing to deliver great products for Captain Slaughter tackle CST.

Jason South

CST - Field tester

Host on World Fishing Network Host of Florida Adventure Quest Host of Ultimate day off

Jason South and his team of elite guides test and prove each and every Captain Slaughter product and film these developments in use. some of these products are actually used & will be seen on his show Florida Adventure Quest. In season 8 you will see Captain Jason and crew utilize our CST Pro 100- Chummer Chunker amongst many other products we are launching. The series features an inside look at exploring the vast fishing opportunities throughout the entire state of Florida. from remote backcountry hot spots to miles offshore. The incredible diversity of Florida and the knowledge of the state’s best guides promises to deliver the hottest fishing action on TV and of course using our products.