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Frequently asked Questions

How to use the CST Pro Chunker and Chummer.

Q: Why do I need the CST PRO 100 Chummer and Chunker
A: to stimulate the action when productivity is not as good as you wished and with use you will have a better chance to catch more and larger fish.

Q: How do I use It Wreck Fishing.
A: Lower it to the bottom when you feel it hit bottom lift it approximately 5 ft and make that the set depth
Once tugging the bait will release over the structure drawing the target fish into your strike zone this will also draw fish to your zone from other parts of the structure.

Q: What kind of line do you use on the Chunker.
A: there are quite a few options the Captains best suggestions are Parachute cord or Crab trap line as these references work best reason being thinner with less resistance but…when sharking its best suggested you use anchor rope.which may also be used all the time . DO NOT USE POLY PROPALENE IT FLOATS AND WILL NOT FUNCTION WELL!

Q: How do I make the CST Pro 100 go deeper and more accurately to the target position in a fast moving tide.
A: By adding weights or sinkers to the Pro 100 housing (or) by using a chain leader as done with an anchor rope.

Q: How do I use it Shark fishing. (And it works well for this specie)
A: Remember to Keep the CST pro Chunker close to the boat, always in eye site and always ready to lift out of the water. Release the chunks and bring device back on board when the sharks do show up. Caution: The sharks will surely attack this device as its stainless steel shine is an attractant along with the rattling noise created by the pulling so be ready. 

Q: How do I make it open faster or wider-
A: Longer harder pulls.

Q: How do I make it close faster releasing less in a faster moving tide
A: Shorter pulls
A: by adjusting the spring by cutting it one coil at a time or purchasing shorter stainless steel springs.

Q: How do I clean my Pro Chunker
A: With fresh water, Being Stainless steel you can even use Brilio if you like
Make sure that you extend springs at least once to get debris caught in springs.

Q: Can this be used in Fresh Water.
A: Yes Absolutely

Q: Why only a few chunks at a time.

A: In this case less is more you, do not want to over feed the Target fish by over releasing, By releasing a few chucks at a time will keep the predators around and interested in the bait on your hook,

Q: How and why would I use the Pro Chummer Chunker with live Bait.
A: Some live baits for example- Pilcher’s or croakers plus many others omit sound when distressed therefore attracting predators. Also releasing live bait below your boat will attract larger and more fish every time.

Q: How do I know how deep I am going with the CST Pro 100 Chummer chunker
A: Best suggestion would be to use line that is metered we like to mark our line every 10-20 or 25 feet etc.. in different color markings using Sharpie colored markers.