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"I have been Commercial fishing and Charter boat fishing the Local NY waters to Hudson Canyon for over 30 years. One of the many methods we do effectively is Chunking where today we have found the CST Pro 100 Chunker and Chummer to be a product that truly works well. I have found it most effective for Tuna, Sharking and Striped Bass & wreck fishing too!! And I'm sure it can be used for just about anything. The CST Pro 100 Chunker and Chummer is made very very well and doesn't disappoint. Buy one and be amazed how well it improves your chances of catching that trophy fish."

Captain Nick Savene - No Time Charters

"When we sat down with Captain Slaughter Tackle co. and decided to design a product geared towards Chunking and Chumming I never imagined we would exceed the expectation. This product works and works well, I have used the CST Pro 100 for many applications including Chunking for Striped Bass, Sharks & Tuna. One other great way we use this is for wreck fishing where we throw all of the left over shells and crustations into the Pro 100 and release sporadically right on top of the wrecks when we are fishing for Cod and Blackfish and truly keeps the bite running strong."

Captain Rudy Maisto - Lady L Charters

"Well... We finally finished shooting season 8 of Florida Adventure Quest on WFN and here is a well-deserved testimonial. Guys - I took your CST Pro 100 Chunker and Chummer out with us for the Snapper/Grouper episode and after using it on our first film shoot, right then and there I knew you guys had something very special and it became an important tool that we take on every film shoot.
Truthfully It worked so well that we ended up using it and dedicating 3 episodes to your product. We used it on our sharking special which you will have to see the episode on WFN to understand how unbelievably well it preformed. Now that we are using this product and out catching everyone in the area you guys became the "Chat" on every boat down here in Florida. Thanks for the CST pro unker and Chummer. IT REALLY KICKS ASS..!!! We used it for Snapper/Grouper/Cobia/Bonita &Sharks."

Jason South -Field Tester CST- World Fishing Network.-The outdoor Channel.

"The CST pro 100 Chunker and Chummer has proven to be an effective and reliable device that we are pleased to carry here at Stella Maris Bait and tackle. Open 7 days come get one!"

Stella Maris Bait and Tackle Brooklyn NY.

"A Special thanks to Captain Slaughter Tackle for introducing me to their newest development The CST Pro 100 Chunker and Chummer which has helped me have far more productive days on the water. From a great idea came a great product and I'm glad to be part of this moment."

Captain Rich Colombo - Rockfish Charters

"This pot makes all the difference, it's time to share the secret"

Captain Vinny Vetere - Katfish Charters NY, who was the winner of the 2015 Manhatten Cup and the 2015 OTW Striper Cup uses the Capt slaughter Peo 100 to catch all his big fish. He is currently leading the East Coast OTW Striper Cup tournament with the largest striped bass again this year.